Sunday, February 9, 2014


Mark the day where people will WALK for a very good cause.  

People from all over the world have been extending help since the big disaster hit the Philippines in 2013.  It affected millions of lives and it is not over.  The severe loss and damage the calamity brought continues to pain the victims of this tragic event and the brethren of the Iglesia Ni Cristo feels the intense need to share further with the World Wide Walk to happen on Saturday, 2nd of February 2014.

Be part of this simple but effective way of giving not just monetary assistance but a heartfelt empathy to the young and the old that lost love ones, homes and almost – their ALL.

What difference does it make if you will walk to have a good functioning heart and walk with us in the WWW and have also a big blessed heart?
How hard will it be to use up this one day to be within groups of people sharing smiles knowing you have a common cause?
Why not do what you usually do of exercising those bones and muscles, getting the vitamin D that you need, strengthen your heart and lungs WITH ME?  WITH US?

Know that this is yet another Memory to Keep.  Join the Worldwide Walk for the Yolanda Victims and be part of history.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Vote now while the line is still about 2hours-long away from the PCOS machine.

The Philippines is at present on a holiday for the National Election.  Every precint in every baranggay of every province within the country is now filled with locals swarming all over to be among the first few thousands to finish the voting process in the morning. 

No problem with rain pouring down the citizens...its how to beat the heat that prevails the weather report of "cloudy".   The sun is  up and shinning tremendously bright at this very moment and the humidity is in tandem.  The "feels like 33C" also feels more like 38!
 Evidence of people feeling hot and restless can be seen among the crowd and verbal comments of dissatisfaction with the system was heard during my 7am vote.

Official start of voting is 7am, but  as early as that, the place is already filled with sun-kissed smell people.  If you're not too strong accepting wide variety of human scent along with different preferences of perfume or colognes and the much hated smell of cigarette smoke when surrounded by many many people, you better take with you your own Medic.  I did not see  one sign of red cross or any to give idea that there will be medical help when you suddenly faint dead. 
I have with me a big fan but later found it is not a very good idea since the smallest you can bring would be best since there is but half an arms' length of space on all sides of me.  It is smart though that I chose to wear the thinnest, coolest white blouse that I have.  If you can wear shorts as well, do so.  However, a thin cloth pants will be better to not have eyes on you nor feel other skin of people in shorts too stick onto you.
Prepare yourself with the line.  Prepare yourself with the heat.  But on top it all, prepare yourself to be patient and conisderate how come after long months of planning, the system still is not pleasing.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.


We live in such a fast pace of life that our body sometimes gives up on us.  We get sick.  The problem is, it’s not just us but the whole family, especially the kids that we have to take care of.  We have to admit that getting sick gets a big cut from our budget, and so we try our very best to go for the most economical at the same time still gives quality care.

Luckily, there is Walgreens that can easily be accessed anytime we need to.  Quality medicines are available just as it is with your local pharmacy.  Best thing is they offer not just medicines but also personal care, beauty products, medical supplies, household, diet and fitness, and so much more.  The good news is…Walgreens now present the most exciting offer I can’t help sharing.  The Walgreens Prescription Savings Club where you get savings on more than 8,000 brand-name and generic medications (almost impossible that your medicine is not included), discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, nebulizer and diabetic supplies, and you get bonuses when you purchase Walgreens and Nice! brand products and photo finishing services.  Why purchase the same without savings and discounts if you can have them at Walgreens. 

There is no set back with the membership since they guarantee that if you don’t save more than the $5/year membership fee for individual or $10/year for the family (includes spouse, 22 year old and below dependents and pet), they will refund the difference.  Save 15% for this limited-membership offer only up until January 31, 2012.

Definitely worth sharing.  Learn more through Walgreens on Twitter and Walgreens on Facebook.  “Like” them and join me in spreading this wonderful opportunity of saving.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TRESemmé for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Life is getting much easier these days than centuries ago.  With knowledge growth and technological advancement comes many different ways to ease living.  And it’s no longer just “women thing” to be a little vain with bodily cares and pampering.  Men and women alike enjoy the luxuries of bathroom privilages, saloon and spa visits and all those products out in the market that assists in total care.

TRESemm√© Fresh Start Dry Shampoo is one of the greatest breakthroughs you will also thank as many men and women do.  Imagine yourself rushing off to school or work because your alarm clock seem to have given up on you (or probably you were just too tired down to your bones you did not hear it), and you have no time to shampoo your hair.  Now you do not need to put it up in a pony or rummage it inside a hat simply because it’s not cooperating and is standing up here and there.  All you need is TRESemme that which belongs to the known Top Hair Products for School.  Just shake vigorously prior to use, partition hair in sections for you to get to the roots easily, spray in short bursts holding it 8-12 inches away from head, leave for just about 1-2 minutes, brush to spread it evenly…and VOILA!  You now have your hair revived as if you did not miss the shampooing early this morning without needing a drop of water.  Yes, it is a dry shampoo that have renewing bursts of citrus extracts leaving hair with clean and fresh scent.  It’s so easy to use.  It is not so common an occurrence but when spray clogs, all you need to do is to wash nozzle under warm water, reattach and use again. Watch the video for more enlightening information of this magnificent product.


And…there are lots to choose from that best fits your hair need.  TRESemme have:

·         Strengthening Dry Shampoo meant for you who needs to strengthen hair avoiding split ends and hair falls.  With the B12 and keratin inclusion your hair will not also be stronger but also full of healthy body. 

·         Volumizing Dry Shampoo everyone with limp hair has been craving for.  Mineral clay and citrus has been added in the formula to remove the oil while adding body and bounce only salon offers.

·         Smoothing Dry Shampoo is the one for you who wants your straight hair smoother longer.  With the Vitamin H and silk proteins those excess oil, impurities and odor left by pollution cannot win over your wanting to make your hair shiny and fresh smelling.

·         Moisturizing Waterless Foam Shampoo moisturizes hair as it removes excess oil, impurities and odor with the Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera and Citrus mixture making your hair refreshed and lustrous.

Be as excited as I am for Elle Fowlers share on many different bundles that can really help out with savings.  Check out this video to find out which among the many different products you can get for a lot cheaper price at the same time hear the tutorial on how to use TRESemme Fresh Start Dry shampoo.

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Friday, September 30, 2011


Soon it'll be my little one's 6th birthday...and up to the moment I am still undecided how to go about it. Not just for the budget concerns but also what she wants. She wants to have one in school since that is how her classmates celebrate theirs and one outside where they can play. She also likes to have it in Jollibee (the Philippine version of McDonalds Party Place) or in a certain area where we can follow what she dream of having, princess theme.

Then again, she can have them on her 7th birthday, right? It's just that everything seems to be happening all at once these days that top priorities have to be given them. She needed her ears checked again for the ringing she hears, she needs to go to a specialist for her frequent cold sores (singaw) which is a Pedia-Immunologist. And so many far more important things to prioritize over a party that will be over in a few hours.

wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Electric Sunglasses is what you need for all your whims. The signature volt logo is now known everywhere and may you be out to show it off or use it for the purpose of protection, there is no other to exceed your expectation.

Mostly distinct in the sporty crowd for its popularity with snow / ski goggle, this sunglasses just have far too many styles to suit your preference. If quality, beauty and elegance is what you crave for, there is none other that Electric Sunglasses.

Men and women alike uses shades for a number of reasons; from protection from sun or eye pricks to hiding eye bags, sleepless eyes, red eyes/infections and unwavering stares, they have no other choice but to hide under sunglasses. Day or night it is now accepted by the general public to see an individual wearing dark or light lenses. The youth of today have one handy may they be an outdoor or indoor type. indeed have much to offer and they have chosen right for choosing the best sunglasses to offer. Go see for yourself and start buying!


SHAMCEY SUPSUP is the Philippine pride that have placed Third runner-up in the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant. She is not just all beauty but also of brains for being able to top the BS Architecture Licensure Board Examinations after her four year's in UP Diliman and able to answer the question and answer portion of the pageant without using an interpreter unlike her 4 other contenders. She did so with grace and confidence in addition to her frank revelation that she just answered from the heart.

She is indeed worthy of the title though if others were asked she deserved even more than the rank given her. The fans seem to think so as well for all the 1st or 2nd places she get each time there was a vote. But Shamcey have accepted everything humbly saying "One just cannot have everything..."

Crowned winner Miss Angola and the others deserved the blessings given them as well and we just have to accept the reality that everything happens for a reason. Maybe they are meant to be there just as Shamcey for being here.


"I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can, Keep track of the visions in my eyes" goes Corey Heart's famous song. And each time I see someone without sunglasses, I sing this song to them as primer to my advice to wear one to protect their eyes from the sun.

Yes, we do have to wear one when we go out into the sun if we don't want to hurt our eyes with the sun rays and in the long run do damage that have to be reversed with surgery or treatments that costs a fortune. And as further damage is done to the ozone layer, the need to wear it now includes more than just the high noon years ago. Early morning to late afternoon outside means wearing the popular Hoven Sunglasses already. Be glad for Hoven because with it you are assured of protection plus superb quality that gears to perfection. Originated from Southern California, it's many different styles came about from the famous outdoor activities enjoyed in that part of the world such as surfing, skates, motocross and snowboarding's. Indoor activities related to fashion, music, art, and entertainment added to the idea bringing about a unique and flexible number of styles and designs.

But more and more people wear sunglasses not for the health implications alone but also for fashion. The popularity of wearing light shades indoor or at night do not garner snide remarks anymore unlike decades ago, but praises for being able to carry it through. Spy Sunglasses have them for you as much as they have others to cater to your every whim and mood to wear one.

We love to have sunglasses that are pretty but that does not end with that. The comfort to wear it such that it is light weight, promises protection from ultraviolet rays, the lenses were made properly therefore not making you feel dizzy when wearing it, polarized for maximum protection, gradient lenses if preferred or can even be photo chromatic to adjust from heaviness of darkness or lightness for those going in and out of establishments.

Love yourself, love your eyes with the right sunglasses that fits your style.


The talk of the town, in fact, the talk of the world right now is the Miss Universe pageant that have once again tickled every woman's subconscious mind. Dreams coming true for all candidates to be part of such a memorable event in their life and Hopes of women the world over either dashed away with realization that they are not as endowed with gifts to be given the chance to walk in that runway or sparked for the belief that they can equal the beauty and the brains of those that joined the 2011 Miss Universe held in Brazil and others before them.

Who would not want to be there to represent your country and show the world that you and your countrymen deserve to be known in every part of the world? And that in the end, you win any of the 5 title's given and you swell with pride that among the 89 beautiful young ladies you excelled.

Winning the crown is not all personal achievement. Its not just for the fame and the prices, but for the chance to be someone to help others for the many charity events and activities attached to the title for the whole year. It also open windows of opportunities for a brighter future and it is such a favorable circumstance for continuous growth of a person.

Monday, August 29, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

We are all aware of the sudden boost of technological advancement.  Everyday it is made known to us from the different things the whole family uses, but it is most evident from the mobile phone’s in the market.  You see it everywhere and everybody have their own mobile phones whatever their life status is, not for vanity but for necessity.   Leaving the house without it is not an option anymore since we all recognize the ease of having one handy. 

BUT sometimes, that “ease” depends on the carrier and the unit you own.

I, for one, travel a lot.  I go to different places in line with my work and my love of nature.  And it is frustrating to be in the middle of the ocean and not being able to hear clearly what my colleague in the office is conveying.  Or when I am atop glaciers and an emergency call have to be made but I have to borrow the Net10 of an acquaintance to do so.

YES, NET10.  Its superb qualities was brought to my attention thereby did not waste time letting go of my previous to NET10...and since having it, there never had been any incident to make me want to change again.  How can you when you are ultra pleased with their services? With NET10 it’s all clear wherever I am for its nationwide coverage, no static, no problems with connections. I never had drop calls since.  And I am not even charged with long distance or roaming charges I used to get before when I am in the other part of the coast.  What’s more is I get to have unlimited service for a mere $50...with no hidden charges to surprise me unlike with my previous provider. Unlimited talk, text, internet and 411 for $50!!!  It is honestly such a big boulder lifted up from my shoulders.  There are just so many other payables, and communication is way too important to pass up.

 My 4 year old daughter, for one, can call me anytime.  With the easy to manipulate Motorolla phone I got her from NET10 last week she was able to learn the use of it in no time.  Even her nanny shifted from her known provider to NET10 when she learned that her favorite unit from LG is being offered for less than $60 and that she can have it in her hands without a binding contract.  She loves the flexible switching of plans monthly to suit her airtime needs without penalties or fees.  And as of recent, she just grab pay-as-you-go from Walter or even purchase them online or directly from her phone for her possible use for the month.

Just like the many other Real NET10 customer to have voiced out praises of NET10, I am also doing so because you are definitely missing a lot if you are still on other providers.  Whether you are a business tycoon that can’t miss a call or an individual who loves keeping in touch, you will definitely be pleased having your own preferred phone from LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia or Samsung for what features you need at the most affordable price of under $15 for simple ones, under $40 for added features of a camera, video recorder, blue tooth capability, mobile web etc., and up to just $60 for Full QWERTY keyboard phones, slider phones, touch screen phones, great app capabilities, web access, and the likes.  Benefit from the easy minute plan of automatic payment of your plan straight from your bank just like me.  NO worries of forgetting, no burden of scheduling or needing to stop at Walmart to buy airtime cards for such a fast-paced life that I live.

NET10 thought of everything for everybody.  All you have to do is to choose what’s best for you.  They reached far and wide too with their long distance service that is available for over 70 countries at just about 15 cents per minute if the call is originating from the US.  There also is an International Neighbors program wherein you are given a special phone number your love ones in Canada and Mexico can use to call you at your NET10 number.  NET10 satisfies if not exceeds expectations.  That’s one reason why I have not had to call the customer service ever.  Though a neighbor once commented when she requested a change of number that calling service is no bother as they are fast and efficient.  See the many threads of easy questions and answers on their facebook and tweeter accounts and agree with me they truly are service oriented.

Let your friends and love ones know about NET10 too.  If you they need further convincing let them hear What Rob has to say.  Stop testing your patience with your present provider, learn and believe me.  See this Cute NET10 commercial and make them hear what others also have got to say just as some of them does here below:



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