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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Being in the medical field and a mother, it has been instilled in me to have foresight to possible emergency events and being aware of what the FIRST AIDE needed to preserve a life, may it be my daughter or any adult. Thus, precautions are always seen to because I believe in PREVENTION than CURE! But we still can never tell when an emergency can occur so we should also be aware of what to do if the inevitable came.

One very traumatic experience I had this luck of encountering several times in my life is the Choking that my younger sibling seems to prefer scaring me with since she was a little girl. Almost always, it is a hard candy that get passed her outer mouth and goes straight to her air duct causing her to choke and not being able to breathe. It even happened once again in her teens but with a chunk of meat that she was not able to chew very well. The very first time it happened, my father have already given us instructions on what to do incase it happens to anyone in our presence.

In little kids, a little tap between her capula (upper back) can do the trick. NOT the nape nor back of head! It is a sensitive area that may cause more harm than not.

I remembered my 50 or 60 something grandmother doing just that when my sister, just a few inches shorter than her, choked on a whole candy, WHILE on her other hand holding my sister upside down! That’s what we call the fight-and-flight-reaction our body releases in times of emergency situations. That’s when we do unrealistic things in the very spur of that moment which we can never do in a normal situation. Funny but true!

Another thing to do, even in adults, is by grabbing from the back and pushing stomach upward with both hands to push the air up as well together with whatever is blocking the air duct.

Just as it was in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire when Pierce Brosnan choked on his dinner and lead actor saved him by that very action of pressing tummy from behind, pumping up until finally it shoots out of his mouth.

When my daughter was a mere infant, it is common occurrence for her to throw up after taking in her fill of milk. The terrifying thing is, it all come out from her mouth and her nose. Thus there’s no other way for her to take in air causing her to wiggle and turn blue. It is in a split of second that I have to squeeze out milk in her nostrils by pinching the nose bridge downwards. Good thing it always worked. But I learned other ways when in case it won’t work. HEAR THIS ALL MOMMA’S WITH THE SAME PROBLEM! You have to go to the nearest bed or couch, somewhere lower than you to put your left foot on, and in that leg, place the infant face down to making her at a 45 degrees angle for the milk to flow down. With your left hand hold her feet tightly securing her safety from slipping down, and with your right tap her back to help gravity in removing milk in her nostrils.

It scares me to think that this will ever happen to my daughter again; thus do not give her whole pieces of candies or too big pieces of food for her to choke on. But in case it does happen, we have to at least try our very best to do it ourselves and not rely on calling for help and let others do it. Remember, it only takes a few minutes for people to live without breathing, and that may be the time it will take you to find someone to assist you!




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