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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Chips? Chocolate bars? Sodas? These are not among the choices in what to provide your active kids for a day in school. It may be easiest to give, you just put it right inside their lunch boxes and off they go; but they will bot be providing what your kids need.

Since they will not be home and that you don't get to see what they will eat if they are ask to choose themselves, it is wisest to not give them just an allowance and freedom to buy and eat whatever they want. We, as caretakers of their well-being, are responsible in providing them nutritious food or snacks that they will take to school.

If they are just to stay in school for a few hours and only a snack is appropriate, you can give them sandwiches that you know they will eat, something filling and something NOT junk but with nutrients. Cheese sandwich is what they most prefer, or you can pre-cook for a sandwich spread the day before like ground meat or chicken. You can also put in biscuits, muffins, or baked goodies. Juices and water are more expected than sodas. Milk should be those processed and not one you will reconstitute yourself to avoid it getting stale before your kid takes it. For bigger meals, you can either prepare rice meal or sandwiches.

Remember the points to consider every time:
  1. sanitation - wash hands properly before food handling, and the containers and the items you will be using also needs to be clean.
  2. food either stay at a temperature it needs; or does not easily stale. We cannot put them at risk to food intoxication.
  3. food prepared must be easy to eat. They might decide not to eat it if it's going to be too messy or that it will take too much of the time allotted for them to consume it.
  4. Make it appetizing to eat. Kids are kids, and wherever they are they need to be excited at the sight of food to take. More so when they are not home and can get easily get distracted. Be creative.
  5. Good source of nutrition as above mentioned.


Tina T said...

It is very difficult for me to pack lunches for my kids. If I would do one parenting thing differently, it would have been to get them used to eating cold sandwiches. When they were little I always made hot lunches for them, and now in school that is what they like best. Luckily school meals where we live have gotten much healthier so hot lunch at school does have healthy options, of course the price has increased since all these healthy options were added, but at least they are available.



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