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Friday, March 26, 2010


I am one of those people who have met my very first dentist at an early age, childhood. And the very first treatment is tooth extraction. I remember palpitating but trying very much to be brave. I have heard a lot from other children how scary it is but believed my parents when they told me that it will hurt just a little bit, less than the tooth ache I am experiencing that time. I love the smell of the dental clinic even then, but the moment I saw the instruments to be used I just have to divert my attention. Thereafter I frequent the clinic for prophylaxes, filling and more extractions. Not a decade ago, I had braces even. Parents really should introduce dentists to their kids at an early age. So like me they will think that “Dentists are a welcome professional in my life.” And just recently, I suddenly miss my dentist, thinking of having my teeth bleached. Tooth whitening is the solution to teeth discoloration that has been an after effect of caffeine or nicotine stains. Not that I have gruesome teeth, just not as white as it was before. How nice it would be to have those sparkling white teeth commercial models and celebrities have? Bright smiles can now be given to everyone instead of hiding behind your fan as you do so or just giving a very timid smile just so you do not have to reveal those yellowish, or dark stained teeth.

Still, it should not be any dentist; trust a Cosmetic Dentist to know which is best for you. Either you undergo a simple tooth bleaching, veneers, dental implants or whatever is needed to give you that most desired perfect smile. Remember, FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST…so have the very first with your wonderful smile. Where best to find them other than in the home of Microsoft, in the city of Redmond, King County, Washington. A Redmond Dentist can give that dream of a sparkling white teeth to you.

Thinking about dentists makes me remember a friend who has “something” with opening her mouth wide for a time. It’s not really DENTAL PHOBIA or DENTAL FEAR, but a physiologic defect that makes her gag easily. But the same way, she needs help in going through with the procedures she needs for dental care just as those with phobia. Lucky for them because now, there is help available. Redmond Sedation Dentist gives them the option to be treated conscious but relaxed or totally unconscious and waking up with the perfect teeth they so desire. A great idea also to your kids that might throw tantrums or may have trauma from past dentist experience, don’t you think?

What can we say but “Thank God for these new found Dentists!”


Laura E. Sanchez said...

I have been extremely scare of the dentist, I really hated, I spend 9 years without going to the dentist for being so scare, then I finally went, and I only had one cavity, now I always try to go every month. It is interesting because my dentist said that small children are not scare of the dentist, the ones that are, are the parents. By the way, thanks for stopping by at my blog, of course we can exchange links, I already add a link to your blog


nancy said...

nice info!

happy weekend to you Jen!

JENIE=) said...

@ laura ~ linked u back, dear. answering back, those parents with fear of dentists or whatever fear they have actually tends to pass it on most of the time. personally, i have this fear with house lizards because my mom also do.

@ nancy ~ you too, thanks.

Dentist In Redmond said...

Hi all,

Teeth whitening procedures are performed to reduce the discoloration and staining of teeth and have become the most popular cosmetic dental procedures today. Dentists use a vita shade guide, which determines the degree of discoloration and staining of your teeth. Thanks a lot...



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