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Monday, March 1, 2010


24 months and up and your baby is running full speed already, or for some walking steadily on her own and can run. Some parents are so assisting that their kids becomes so dependable and unsure that she can actually run just like the others do. But she definitely have fine motor skills and can draw. By this time she can talk in phrases and sentences with probably around 300 words. My Anya actually talks none stop already and as good as you and me at two. She started conversing earlier than walking steadily on her own,yous truly being amongst those "assisting parents" fore mentioned (haha!). At 2 years old its is natural to still be very possessive buts enjoys playing with other children already. They imitate adults and likes repetition. They enjoy taking things apart and putting them together again.

If they call this stage "terrible two", I personally call it the "fantastic two". It is because I love seeing them observe and try this and that, and to be independent. Their development is so obvious that nature continues to amaze me. Roll playing is a nice stimuli since they imitate adults and so dolls and doll sets will be nice. So with phones, tools, computer toys. Art supplies should be provided to stimulate their creativity and imagination. I started giving my little girl picture books at an earlier age since I noticed her advancement. Even before 12 months we gave her those soft books that I believe helped with her attention span. I remember the family of squeeze bears that I make talk to her as well. At this stage, it would be appropriate to enrich vocabulary of your babies by talking to them a lot and picture books is a great tool. I also have learned long ago that parent should never use baby language or to baby-talk as you speak with them. Use the common language that you use for them to get used to NORMAL words and language. As we all know "they are like sponge to absorb everything she hears". so be very careful also of anything that comes out of your mouth. No profanities please (wink! wink!)




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