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Friday, November 27, 2009


Kids normally can forgo eating simply because they prefer more to play than wash their hands, sit in front of the table and eat. For them it’s too much of a waste of time, and so as parent’s it is our responsibility to train them and at the same time ensure that they are getting the right quality and quantity of food. Balance and complete nutrition can be met if only we give effort for them to acquire it.

Be imaginative in preparation and it will get their attention. I have to be colorful and somewhat eye-catching. Like putting smiles In their biscuits, or sprinkles in their muffins. We also have to give variety. It cannot be the same everyday, because your daughter may favor it today but not after 2 more days. In a weeks time, you can serve your pizza bread again, or your banana cake with banana chips on the side. In my case, I sometimes cut up the slice bread into 4 and put 4 different spreads for variation. My Anya loves it that way, but again, not everyday.

The thing is, we serve them different kinds of food for them to get all the different vitamins and minerals each food contains. Like if you give carrots today that have lots of vitamin A, give spinach next for vitamin B…something like that. Just be sure to give them the right amount of carbohydrate, protein and fat.

And it is okay to give them treats once in a while; fries with their sandwhich, or chips with their veggies. Make their meals enjoyable, but do not let them get used to playful eating all the time. Let them know that it is imperative that they eat, and that they have to get used to eating alone.


imelda said...

i was like this with my kids then. they were so choosy on the food they ate but im glad i was always with her everyday to guide her through her diet

aziz hotak said...

Hey Dude ! i visit ur blog and hope u will not forget mine

iyan1982 said...

thanks for the tips



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