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Sunday, December 13, 2009


First time mom and dad usually get all panicky the moment the infant cry. And it’s best that you know ways of soothing them…and the probable reason why they are accept and is crying their heart out.

FEED. She may be hungry or thirsty, which actually is the common reason in the first few months. If she sucks hard on a feed with gasps in between, try giving her water for she probably is thirsty.

CUDDLE. This usually calms them down, the loving contact especially from a parent is what they needs best. Sometimes too much handling from relatives and friends makes them protest to it needing a quiet moment back in the arms of mom or dad. It is also possible that she have wind and holding her upright in your shoulder will help release that gas through burping.

RHYTHMIC ROCKING puts them to sleep too. Either rock her in your arms or in her cot. The gentle movement soothes them, if not, try doing it a little faster or in a different rhythm.

SWADDLING makes them feel safe and secure thus make a neat bundle of her by wrapping her quite firmly in a blanket and see if she quiets back down. She probably lost her temper when you bathe or dressed her, and so restore by swaddling.

PATTING. My 4 year old still prefers being pat to sleep. It kindda calms her to feel my warm palm on her, and the rhythmic tapping lulls her to sleep. Touching really is important to them, they feel the tenderness and the comfortable feeling of you close by.

GIVE SOMETHING TO SUCK. Almost all babies loves to suck, they feel sleepy doing that. You can give your tiny finger after ensuring its cleanliness or a pacifier after it has been sterilized. The stages of letting go of this dummy differs because there is the so-called sucking reflex that has to be fulfilled before they let go of it.

DISTRACT HER. Sometimes they forget that they are crying if they see something fascinating and attractive. Bright colors, their images in the mirror or photographs are excellent distractions.




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