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Thursday, April 15, 2010


The very first that captures my attention upon meeting someone is his/her mouth.
And that includes both LIPS AND TEETH. I see soft, pink (or red) lips and it garners my interest to see what’s inside. Nice even white teeth give me the impression of cleanliness and freshness of breath thus agreeing that the person will nice to talk with. The same criteria go for my search for a fiancé, lover or a husband (wink!)

Therefore, it is not surprising that I went to an Ortho few years back to have such myself. It’s not as perfect as I want to be but it suffices. For my daughter then, I started brushing her teeth at 2 years old; trained her to take water after every intake of milk when she still has none. Hence she grew with that training and until now takes water after ANY intake (even after a juice). We brush her teeth twice daily that soon will be thrice. Like me, she just takes chocolates and sweets once in a while. I believe that avoiding hard candies will preserve her teeth from decaying early on. A granny dentist once told me that chocolates are better than candies for the teeth in the sense that hard candies does not have oil for it to prevent from sticking to teeth too much. As a result, my daughter at 4 still have no black tinge in any of her tooth that I see in other children her age, she is growing with these rules and I am sure she will have the perfect even white teeth when she grows up. I will also have to start bringing her to the dentist just so she will be introduced to the fact that there’s nothing to fear from them and so we can monitor her teeth as it change from milk teeth to permanents. It is revealed to me and my parents at a later time that extractions have an after effect of crooked teeth if not done the proper way and order. If we want to avoid Ortho, we have to start early care for teeth in monitoring for PREVENTION and not CURE to nice teeth.


Laura E. Sanchez said...

Hi Jenie, it is funny that you post that, I remember when I meet my boyfriend one of the things that attracted me more to him was his lips, I was always intrigued by them, but I have to tell you I hate the dentist, it really scares me, but it is so necessary to go to the dentist.


bleep said...

one of my "requirements" too ;)

analou said...

I agree to the things you said here Sis. How I wish my father brought us to the dentist way back then. My teeth are undergoing fixing right now. I see a lot of improvements.

I am sure you're daughter's teeth will be very nice because you take good care of it

eDoDe said...

Ur link ( is in my blog now.. Hope you will add mine too.. If you add me to other 3 blog of urs, I will add u then.. Have a good day..



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