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Thursday, April 8, 2010


My 4 year old still do not want to go to school. Of course it's not her choice, but I myself do not go with early schooling. After all, the moment they start it will be years before it finally ends with her in her Toga.

I have always wondered why did they ever decided to add more years in the preparatory level. In my days schooling starts at 6 years of age for a kindergarten level. It is optional that they take nursery. I agree with that arrangement since even as children their capabilities differs already, blaming it on the "genes". I still believe that it is the parents responsibilities to ensure their early developmental stage be enhanced and guided. So, if parents could not provide this, it is their option to put their kids at day care or the optional early schooling classes which we used to call here as "saling pusa". Then depending on their progress they either stay in that level and move on yearly as natural or be placed on a higher level if advanced in learning and abilities or what is termed as Accelerated.

Now obviously a strategy of school administrations in earning a little more, though putting up front the reason of a more in depth training and development for kids, has started and is requiring students this required prerequisites. Well, some school are considerate more than others in selflessly thinking of the children's welfare as well as the family budget, allowing kids to skip a year or even two depending on their advanced learning abilities and skills. I know the importance of schooling and the reason for preparation. I have given her enough knowledge to even surpass other children of her age have. But I believe that there need to be normalcy when it comes to her belonging-ness to kids her age, which is what we don't have here at home. We're all adults, the reason why she talks and thinks like an adult.

And so I decided to make use of this offer of a Summer Kinder Program in our church (Iglesia Ni Cristo) to prepare my kid, to let her have a feel of school, mingle with kids and exposure to worldly disappointments and successes. After which, when she turns five, I'm sure she will be ready to face the real world. A world outside what she's used to. Not the perfect little world anymore, of everyone around her loves her and where everything she needs and prefers were given her. But that time I know she will be ready because the foundation we built for her at home were strong. She's secure, she's confident and she's firm in her belief of following God's words even among unbelievers.


my little world said...

That is a good idea. They are expected to know how to act and what to do when they start Kindergarden. I think kids are starting too early as well. My daughter had to go to daycare the years before Kindergarden so she was in preschool ( a christian based abeca program) since she was 3.

Good luck. It's going to be harder on you than her!

Laura E. Sanchez said...

Hi Jenie

I think early school is important, not only for the development of the kids but also there, they learn to be social with other kids of their age. When I was younger I had a really bad childhood in terms that my asthma was very severe, so my mother wanted to leave me at home until I was like 5 years old and go to school, but my doctor told her that she needed to put me on daycare so i could socialize with other kids, and she did it. That is why that Summer Kinder Program is very good for kids. But i think there is also a fine line between what is good for kids and what is good for profit.


Sara R. said...

Great post. I believe that whatever you feel is the right choice for your daughter, that is what you should do. After all, you know her better than anyone. I would definitely let her attend the Summer Kinder Program at your church - that sounds like a great intro for your 4 year old, and not too much "school" pressure! My daughter just turned 5, and is finishing up pre-school. She will attend Kindergarten in the fall. she has classmates who are 3, and I feel not ready for school yet. Which, in the end, is a detriment to their education, as well as their classmates, as the teachers spend more time "tending" to the younger ones who still need mommy time.



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