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Monday, May 13, 2013


Vote now while the line is still about 2hours-long away from the PCOS machine.

The Philippines is at present on a holiday for the National Election.  Every precint in every baranggay of every province within the country is now filled with locals swarming all over to be among the first few thousands to finish the voting process in the morning. 

No problem with rain pouring down the citizens...its how to beat the heat that prevails the weather report of "cloudy".   The sun is  up and shinning tremendously bright at this very moment and the humidity is in tandem.  The "feels like 33C" also feels more like 38!
 Evidence of people feeling hot and restless can be seen among the crowd and verbal comments of dissatisfaction with the system was heard during my 7am vote.

Official start of voting is 7am, but  as early as that, the place is already filled with sun-kissed smell people.  If you're not too strong accepting wide variety of human scent along with different preferences of perfume or colognes and the much hated smell of cigarette smoke when surrounded by many many people, you better take with you your own Medic.  I did not see  one sign of red cross or any to give idea that there will be medical help when you suddenly faint dead. 
I have with me a big fan but later found it is not a very good idea since the smallest you can bring would be best since there is but half an arms' length of space on all sides of me.  It is smart though that I chose to wear the thinnest, coolest white blouse that I have.  If you can wear shorts as well, do so.  However, a thin cloth pants will be better to not have eyes on you nor feel other skin of people in shorts too stick onto you.
Prepare yourself with the line.  Prepare yourself with the heat.  But on top it all, prepare yourself to be patient and conisderate how come after long months of planning, the system still is not pleasing.




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