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Friday, December 17, 2010


"I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand." ~ Susan B. Anthony

Yes, women of this century are a lot stronger than those who lived before. They are more independent, more have the freedom from sexism. NONETHELESS, they are still the weaker sex...physically and emotionally. More especially when it comes to being foolishly in love or attached to a man.

This is proven true by example from a shocking involvement of a lot of women to a certain Hyden Kho, who I believe to be having some sort of personal goal of putting himself above others by the measure of women he conquers. Of women he played with to fall for his charms and use them sexually. He even made evidence of them through videos he took without their knowledge during the very private sexual intercourse. On the woman's end, it is truly humiliating to be broadcasted to the world that she has been played for a fool the same way that such indecency made public. YES THE VIDEOS WERE MADE PUBLIC! Nationwide, Countrywide or maybe it even reached far out to other countries already. And they are even not paid for it unlike those who do so for a living since it is without consent. They vary from being a celebrity, a model, a doctor...and God knows what else. Celebrity Ms. Katrina Halili is worthy of a salute for standing tall and fighting for her rights, being the most recent victim.

Hayden Kho, previously a doctor and a known boyfriend to a rich elder celebrity doctor, Dra. Vicky Bello, had his way with women maybe with his charm and being not a bad looking man. He was also given such chance to interact with known women through his connection with the vanity doctor girlfriend for celebrities. I believe him to have some sort of psychological problem to need such self booster of collecting and using women. And he deserve more than the water spilling he got during a session, or the revoking of his license being a medical practitioner. More so, he deserve NOT the decision of the court of being free of charges!!!

BUT THEN THE THING IS: This is such a concrete BEWARE to women!!! That these days, we should use our brains more over our heart. And the learning should not be fixated only on the sexual part but on every aspect of men knowing women's weaknesses. Yes, we actually should not be doing such lascivious act prior to saying the vows...but we should also be doubly aware that the world is not as it was before. Also, IT IS RARE TO FIND GENTLEMEN NOWADAYS, a rarer to find those with true intent. So please, learn to protect yourself!!!


Mommy Kharen said...

I don't know if I cry or what to this post.. I am not a victim of anything else as a matter of fact I consider myself perfect tough/pretender but I don't know why my heart broke after reading this.. me being emo?/!! funny ayt?! have a Happy Holiday Jenie..(=

Yen said...

Can't help but sigh:( Our justice here needs an overhaul. Woman are no longer protected in our judicial system.



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