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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


There really are animal lovers to the point of having them as pets, no matter how weird others believe it to be. I remember a BF taking care of Iguana at home. Gladly, he disposed of it before I decided to agree to be his girl then. I just cannot imagine going near it. And some have poisonous snakes even. A total wacko at that just as what I have once seen in National Geo channel where he got bitten by it and miraculously survived. Weird as it may seem to see home with a tarantula in an aquarium, a tiger in a cage, worms, cockroaches…we just can’t blame their owners of loving them. After all, they are creations made to co-exist with us.

But I would go with tamer pets. Ordinary maybe. Or just plain harmless (or at least not deadly). One of which would be crabs. Not ordinary crabs but those cute, exotic hermit crabs. Don’t be surprise to see and read about Hermit Crab Care because they came about due to insistent public demand, meaning, you are definitely not alone in having a pet hermit crab! There’s so much to learn about them, and how nice it would be to have something not so common but also not so weird?! An e-book is available now to guide you through. Want to try it? Your kid will definitely be amazed at it as much as they are, or probably even more, with fishes. It will also be safer for them being inside a tank and not easily reachable...but easy to see and observe. It's interesting, I bet. Not just to your kids, but to you as well.


Gracey said...

I love pets myself.. in fact, I have five dogs. They are pretty domesticated and can actually "talk" to mommy when they need something. But crabs?? I don't know about that :)

scribbler said...

Another animal lover here.. We have 4 dogs, 1 Siamese cat, pink danio fish and blue moon fish...

I'm not into weird pets, though.. ;)

Anonymous said...

I had a hermit crab when I was in highschool..=]



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