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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I cannot remember if I have posted about the summer Sports Fest we had in our church organization for the singles which we call Kadiwa. In this sports fest we did not play the ordinarily played games in every sports fest like the volleyball, basketball and all other ball games as was usual; instead we played famous Filipino Games. The reason why we named the affair Palarong Pinoy.

I mentioned this with the thought of this game "Sungka" (pronounced as SOONG-kah) which was one of those games among others. In preparation for that affair, I actually borrowed from the sister to my grandpop her own Sungka Wooden block to practice with. It is not the first time I have played because years ago, during my childhood days (well, a little less than 3 decades ago if you must know), my cousins and I usually play as we were asked to stay inside the house during high noon. Summers here are truly hot and humid. Going back to Sungka, it may look easy but it actually is not so. You have to get used to the counting of "sigay's" or shells to continuously play to beat your opponent because the moment you end distributing, you have to wait for your next turn if you still will have depending on how touch your opponent is.

I found this site that tells precisely of the rules of SUNGKA or CHONGKAK to Indonesians and Malaysians. It's an entertaining time passing game. It usually is a two player game but can also be done as a group by just adjusting with the rules. Have you ever tried it? It's a common Filipino Game that actually originated in Indonesia. In fact according to wikipilipinas it's early version, the malancala, "may be the oldest game in the world, with almost every culture having some variation of it!" Imagine that! So, in your country...what's it called? Do you really have it there?


Sam D. said...

I love Sungka, I remember when I was a kid I used to go to our neighbor to play with the old lady neighber and she's the one who thought me how to play it. Guess what? I never win. Of course she's an expert with sungka. Anyway, Jen sorry to hear you didn't feel well last week. It could be a migraine, I experiences severe headaches also when I was there. But now I learn how to manage it and I knew already when I am going to have it. So, if it is a migraine your sensitive to light and noise. When migraine attacks me I just go to a dark room and rest. I hope your feeling so well now. have a great week. Oh! by the way, I am so flattered that you remember to visit me amongst all of your many friends here "THANK YOU" :) Sorry, I can't be around much here until April 15. When we get back I will visit you more often. Thanks again.

kingnoe said...

We used to play that with my brother and cousin before just for a pastime during a hot afternoon.



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