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Sunday, March 13, 2011


We have to admit that it is not always easy to be a mom. Above all the chores you have to do around the house, the bringing and taking of your children to and from the school, the full time work you do if you are also working, and the demands of your better the burden you carry within yourself if you are being a great mom. If you are being the responsible mom rearing them and guiding them which is your ultimate reason for existing now as a mother. If you are "the best mom" for your family.

Its like providing them food. You are feeding them but are you providing them the right food? Are you meeting their nutritional needs? Daily requirement for the vitamin and mineral need of each family member have to be met through the food served every meal, or if not possible, through supplements. And who better to know but the mom.

Molding and training the children also is another responsibility parents carry. Cleanliness and orderliness have to be instilled to them so they will carry it through as they become their own person. Provision of interesting and visually nice items gives further encouragement. You can demand for their rooms to be neat but give them assistance as to how to do it and to give them ways in managing them. Their used clothes need to have a place to go, give them nice looking laundry bag. Appropriate things to appropriate places. Jewelries in jewelry boxes, shoes in shoe racks/boxes, stephen joseph bags or whatever bags in drawers or cases meant for them. Start the training as early as possible. Mold when they are still MOLD-able, and not when they are already stiff and grown using force.

REMEMBER also that children live by example. They will imitate us. Their eyes are focused on us. And they love us too much to want to become just like us.

The home should always be where they want to go back to. They have to feel the love within. There has to be a welcoming atmosphere...not only emotionally but physically too. They have to feel at ease in there and not be questioned and reprimanded in every move they make. And will not be when they have been trained early on. They have to feel the coziness of the place and not see clutters. It will be an added benefit to have wonderfully built place like that of those with the magnificent work done by Dallas landscaping.

Life at home should be comfortable, filled with warmth and love. And a deserving "You're the best, Mom" would make you sigh in relief knowing that you did made it right. And you are indeed the best!




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