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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Have you noticed looking in the mirror more lately? Do you stop and think if you are still who you once were? Or maybe stops to think ifthere is something you can do to accentuate your charms? Why so? For who?

Women basically are more vain than men when it comes to their looks. They can be found more often doing things that can help manage their skin, buying things appropriate in protecting or treating their hair or doing this and that just so they would look better. When they look better, they feel better.

And they definitely feel better knowing they look beautiful in their better halves eyes. After 20 anniversaries or a few times giving birth, women feel less than the woman she was before. Insecurities starts to bud, self satisfaction have the tendency to plummet down to the ground and the confidence that he only had eyes for her is in question a lot of times.

They need words, they need action. Forget that you are both aging, love is endless. Disregard any thought of embarrassment, you've known each other for years. Do not let the fire die down, keep it burning. Make her feel beautiful, make her feel loved and life will continue as if it were just your first years.


Grumpy old man said...

Hi, I have only been with my wife for just over 7 years, but truth be told, to me she is still as beautiful, if not more beautiful than she was when I met her. But then I have to add, she goes out of her way, as you rightly pointed out, to look after herself. She colors her hair, she never goes without make up, not even when at home, and she is never boring. I tell her every single day how beautiful she is, and I think that is very important, as she doesnt only do it for herself, she does it for me, and if I do not appreciate it, she might stop doing it. (maybe not, but I am not going to risk it, hehe)

Thanks for sharing Jenie, and thanks for dropping by my site, it was great seeing you again.
Enjoy your week and take care.



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