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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yesterday afternoon was something different for me. First time have I witnessed a pre-nuptial photo shoot (and video). It was both exciting and frustrating.

Exciting for the mere fact that you are witnessing an unforgettable day in a couples life, and somehow a part of making it magnificent for them. And it being my first, I am amazed also of the thoughts circling inside my head but a little unsure yet of myself on how to help break the ice or the stiffness in the poses and the acts. It was highlighted to my attention that people, couples specifically, differs in so many ways; and the concept should definitely go with their personalities and their preferences. Brainstorming, I believe, should be done the moment an arrangement with a couple was made. With this the planning stage will be so much easier. Knowing more each of the individual a little bit more helps a lot in making the shoot relaxed and enjoyable for them. The theme have to bring out the identity of the couple at the same time provides the outcome they prefer, a typical solemn and romantic one or something of a unique wacky but very "them" kind....

This then is the reason for the frustration...well, just a little actually. There's that hope that the awkwardness be overcomed. In the same way that all the SHOULD BE's had been planned and foreseen. Like the theme, the costumes and gadgets...all the factors that had to be there to make it all fit in and the shoot be smooth flowing. In short, precision in planning.

Now I know of 2 things: first, that a Wedding Planner truly is very important; and second, that I am seeing myself being one. How do I begin? What are the things I have to learn? I need advices here friends!


moonchild117 said...

sis, there are seminars you can join when you plan to become a wedding planner or put up a wedding planning company. i guess the basic things you need to learn is are the rudiments of a wedding, from preparation to ceremony to reception. it also helps to establish a network of suppliers. maybe you can start out by helping your friends during their wedding, too. good luck! :)



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